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Deihl Community Grants Program

The Lincoln W. and Dorothy I. Deihl Endowed Fund was established in 2010 and was significantly enhanced after Lincoln’s passing in September of 2015. GMCF established this grant program to honor the Deihl’s transforming gift to the community and their designated wish to support the arts, youth, and basic human needs in our community. The gift they left will be their legacy as it continues to improve our community each time a grant is made.

General Guidelines and Criteria for Consideration of Grant Proposals:
The purpose of the Lincoln W. and Dorothy I. Deihl Endowed Fund is to support programs that improve the quality of life in the City of Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding area. The GMCF will consider funding projects from local organizations that involve quality of life initiatives in the following areas:
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Basic Human Needs (education, food, health, & shelter)
  • Children and Youth
As requested by Lincoln and Dorothy, it is not required that the above categories be equally funded annually but it is their desire that, over the course of time, distributions to the three categories will be approximately equal.

Projects showing the ability to have a major community impact requiring $10,000 or more per year are recommended. As per the wishes of the Deihls, all grants made must be received without any additional fees assessed. Their desire is that 100% of the funds be used for the objectives of the grant request. Multi-year proposals, maximum of three years, for the same project will be accepted. The grantee may apply for renewal of multi-year grants based on community need.

Proposal requests will take place twice per year with applications being due April 30 and October 31. Grant decisions for each period will be announced within four weeks of application deadline.

Grant Requirements:
  • Organizations considered for funding must show proof of 501 (c) 3 or tax-exempt status.
  • Grant proposals must show legitimate evidence of program sustainability for all projects that will continue beyond the funding period.
  • Grant proposals must be submitted via the GMCF online application process.
  • GMCF will begin accepting proposal requests thirty days prior to the application deadline.
  • Applicants must submit a plan for the evaluation of their proposed activities and commit to the submission of annual reports on the results of their awards.
General Granting Guidelines:
Funding for all projects is competitive and will be based on the quality of the proposal submitted for funding. All proposals will be given thoughtful consideration by the GMCF Deihl Grants Committee in the following areas:
  1. eligibility
  2. quality of the concept
  3. impact on the community
  4. amount requested in relation to community impact
  5. likelihood for success
  6. quality of annual evaluation plan
Matching funds are not required for proposals. However, GMCF strongly encourages partnerships. If a project is proposed as a collaborative effort, letters of commitment may be required prior to funding.

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