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Guardian Angels: MEN HELPING MEN!

In the KNOW!

Special Note: In the KNOW! is a monthly report that highlights the activities of the previous month and any upcoming events that support our efforts to financially help other men.

For August 2014
Current Quarter-to-date Funding: $2,730; 2014 Funding Goal: $12,000
Guardian Angel Membership: 82
  1. The Guardian Angel board meets once a month. Our initial focus has been to set up an effective flow of information from various Manhattan agencies so we can provide Grant monies to men in need.
  2. A close second has been to grow our membership. Key membership target areas include:
    1. Developing an informational Web Site.
    2. Printing informational Business Cards that can easily be distributed to potential members.
    3. Working more closely with the Fairy Godmothers, our sister organization.
  3. Upcoming Events:
    1. Please support the Fairy Godmother's Charity Golf Tournament - October 6, 2014 Colbert Hills Golf Course. For more information go to:
    2. Guardian Angel West Virginia / KSU Football Watch Party at Colbert Hills Club House-Game, Thursday - November 20, 2014. More information will be provided in future In the Know! emails or you can call the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation (GMCF) office at 785-587-8995.
  4. Interest in serving? We have various committees that need your expertise. Please call the GMCF office if you'd like to serve.
Board members: Dale Bradley, Dirk Daveline, Ron Fowles, Mark Hatesohl, Tom Hintz, Ken Hughey, Clyde Jones, Blake Kaus, Michael Oldfather, Brad Roberts, Rob Stitt, David Weaver, Dick Wertzberger, Vern Henricks

Thank you for your service to the community and your donations & support of Guardian Angels!

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