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Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers received grant money in 2017 to staff playgroups four mornings a week in Manhattan, staff one playgroup a week in Ogden, and staff to administer child screenings in the community. So far they have had close to 100 families served through the play groups and are on track for 40 children screened.

Parents as teachers focus is to educate parents on child development, sleep, nutrition, and appropriate forms of discipline, as well as strengthening the community by providing parents a support network which leads to better childhood development and less neglect and abuse. Promoting active parent involvement in a child’s education and play creates stronger and healthier bonds between parent and child which lead to the child’s success.

Child screenings serve as an evaluation to catch possible delays in child development as well as how to respond to these possible delays. They also provide support for families by goal setting, creating a plan of action, and providing other resource connections for families in need of clothes and food. Group connections between families have had tremendous success through events such as a morning visit at the fire station, an African drumming session, and story time in the library. The play group serves as an extension of the group connections, and all parents are strongly encouraged to participate in order to see how their child is developing, how other children develop, create more parent education, as well as connecting families in the greater Manhattan area.

Any family in the USD 383 can apply, and there has been a shift in the prenatal-kindergarten section so that is now open to all families and not just high risk families. The 3-5 group is still for at risk families only but both programs are completely free for the families. Parents as teachers have received multiple grants from multiple sources and have had tremendous feedback from the families that have been involved.

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